Reuse Program click to read more
Along with our recycling, we have a reuse program in our facilities. All pots, trays and nursery conatiners are cleaned for reuse and all other plastics are delivered to recycling facilities with an amount of 4 tons this past year.
Water Conservation click to read more
We recycle water by collecting irrigation runoff and rainwater in a large pond to irrigate our fields and growing area. Many of our crops are irrigated with drip, spray, or micro-irrigation systems. As products sell we continually condense areas to limit our water and fertilizer use.
Integrated Pest Management System click to read more
We have put in place an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system in all our greenhouses. This allows us to carefully monitor plant health and keep in check plant pests with cultural and biological controls so as to minimize pesticide use. One example is our roses that are sprayed twice each year with a bio-fungicide at careful timing to keep them clear of diseases all season long.
Continuous Growth click to read more
We strive for continuous growth through subscriptions to most of our industry's trade magazines. Much helpful information is gleaned from the challenges and successes of our peers in horticulture and agriculture. Retailing and Business magazines provide helpful information to continue improving our business and relationships with our guests. We take advantage of opportunities to attend many gift shows, trade shows, and conferences, domestically and internationally.
Natural Gardening Solutions click to read more
At our garden centre we carry many methods for controlling garden pests. Natural pest control is often safer for your garden, your family, wildlife and the environment. We stock traps & lures, barriers and repellents, beneficial insects, bio-pesticides, insecticidal soaps, horticultural oils and more.
Organic Products click to read more
Our garden centre provides a selection of natural and organic fertilizers. These differ from chemical fertilizers in that they feed your plants while building the soil. Soils containing high levels of organic material remain loose, retain more moisture, nutrients, and oxygen. This fosters growth of soil organisma and promotes healthy plant root development. We stock a selection of organic seeds as well as natural fertilizers such as blood and bone meal, hen manure, fish emulsion, worm castings and bat guano. Milorganite is stocked for a great lawn fertilizer option and organic potting soil, soil amendments and ph adjustment.
Ecological Benefits click to read more
There are many benefits of plants and trees. Plants are known to absorb C02, while releasing the oxygen back into the air. Trees absorb odors and polluting gases and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark. Trees shade our homes and streets, cooling the local climate as well as reducing rainfall runoff and prevent erosion from water and wind. Aside from producing food for us, trees provide food for birds and wildlife as well as provide a canopy and habitat for them. Trees and plants also increase property values - the beauty of a well-planted property can raise property values by as much as 15%.
Plant a Tree, Grow a Legacy click to read more
We have initiated a 'Plant a Tree Grow a Legacy' program to encourage our clients to purchase tree seedlings and grow them for the generation to come.
Native to Ontario click to read more
We supply a Native to Ontario plant program that allows our clients to purchase plant material that is natural and suited to pur region and local wildlife.
Locally Grown click to read more
There are many benefits to plants that are grown locally. A great benefit is supporting your local economy and small businesses. You may be surprised that many plants are shipped thousands of kilometers. Buying locally produced plants saves on fuel and transportation. Plants grown local are also accustomed to native soils and climate conditions. Growers in our region are a great source of local plant knowledge. Always in stock at Sipkens are options to grow your own produce. We stock a vast selection of seasonal vegetables and herb transplants, with fruit trees and berry plants available all season long. On our website we have even included recipes to encourage the use of super local, fresh foods.
Education click to read more
An important contribution to our local living spaces is through our store policy to educate each client as they purchase trees, shrubs or evergreens on proper planting, care and watering for their success incorporating plants into our environment. We are always ready to give advice on selecting, lanting, and caring for plants in every location our clients seek to beautify.